One of the gravest matters of importance, and one of immediate concern, is the truth about a possible end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it [TEOTWAWKI] scenario. Research suggests up to around 20% of people think something serious might be afoot. It's a serious matter that can not, nor should not, be considered casually. It can't be explained in the time it takes to sell you a product or an idea. It's an intuition or fear people have but there's much data, logic, and common sense that applies to the matter of TEOTWAWKI which generally doesn't come into the considerations that reach the mainstream through Discovery Channel or internet blogs.
There's a lot of raw data, intelligent reasoning, and common sense that goes into considering anything, especially the fate of the world and the future of today's generation, but there's really only one single bit of common sense that applies: it makes no sense to assume we are safe, since mankind's history only goes back a few thousand years while our human genes must've taken millions of year to evolve. Unless you are one of the few who actually believe there was some god or other who placed mankind ready-made on the planet some short while ago, mankind must've been evolving in the course of millions of years. That's thousands of thousands of years. At least. Yet here we stand, with our greatest achievements starting a mere 2,000 years ago. WTF, right?
Indeed, let's not make that a rhetorical question: What the fuck?! What's up with that? What the hell is the answer to that riddle?
This single serious (i.e. not rhetorical) question makes all data and reasoning moot that doesn't take it into account.

There's a sequence of priority to be given to data, logic, and common sense; in order to come to intelligent ideas and opinions, you need data but data is usually inherently subjective; it'll only take you so far. More important than raw data is intelligent reasoning and consistent application of logic. With logic you weigh facts and sources against each other and strive to deduce the truth about something. In the end, though, nothing beats common sense. If your data and logic bring you to a nonsensical conclusion, you must admit you messed up somewhere along the line and you have to start over. You can always have missed something, either some piece of the puzzle or interpretation thereof. Every serious researcher or philosopher must always be ready, willing, and able to wipe everything off the table and start over again from scratch. All facts and logic mean nothing if they don't add up in the end.
Concerning TEOTWAWKI there's this common sense aspect to life as we know it: our known history should go back much much further than a few thousand years. It doesn't matter what data you accept as fact or what reasoning you applied working with that data, it cannot explain away this one simple common sense fact.
It is unscientific, unscholarly, and immature to act as if this common sense argument is somehow moot or can/should be ignored. Oh, it's quite politically and culturally correct to do so but if that's as low as you're comfortable setting the bar, that's not only immature but an extremely vulnerable position to take. If mainstream politics and culture suit you just fine, since you're comfortable there, i suggest you stay there and ignore the whole matter of TEOTWAWKI. Then it's best left in the realm of mesmerizing imagination, speculation, and entertainment.

Contrary to mainstream assumptions and belief, much is actually known about what may happen toour generation. There's much scientific research outside of the mainstream pointing to a cycle of destruction that will wipe us off the face of the planet, leaving a few traumatized survivors to continue mankind in the next stone age. Again. It's a modern mythology that mankind somehow [don't ask!] suddenly started acting sophisticatedly after millions of years of backward behavior. The raw data, logic, and common sense,, however, suggest that the people we think lived in 'our' Stone Age were preceded by another global culture. About 3300 pyramids and other immense structures all over the world attest to this global society. Peoples sophisticated enough to build the likes of the Giza pyramid or the Sphinx were not only wiped out but mankind ended up in the Stone Age, nearly all technological achievements lost.
There are a number of scientific disciplines which have determined, independent of one another, that the Earth is regularly buffeted by immense destruction. Scientists are finding out on their own, usually without knowledge of similar scientific conclusions, that there's a 13,000 or 11,500-year cycle of destruction on Earth. Not all scientific disciplines are able to actually give us an estimate when this cycle is set to reoccur, but there are authoritative scientific sources that suggest it will indeed happen in our lifetimes. I'll be covering in this book all of the data, logic, and sense regarding the sources known to me.


If you're aware of this 13,000/11,500-year cycle of destruction and what it likely entails, there's no need to let it kill you. It will kill 7,000,000,000 others; on the other hand, if you know a storm's coming and you batten down the hatches accordingly, that has nothing to do with ego-centrism, defeatism, or fear; it's just logical and appropriate: you see rain coming, you put on a coat; simple. It's basically no different from any other natural cycle; you know winter will come and you'll be needing a warm coat and wood to keep the house warm. The cosmological cycle of 13,000 or 11,500 years may be a lot bigger, but it's really quite natural for mankind to deal in natural cycles. This is just one hardly anyone knows about.
Larger cycles tend to surprise people. If you live in a region where flooding washes everything away every 50 years and you were born there 49 years ago, you'd likely need to scratch your head about moving to high ground 'just because some ancestor or scientist tells you to'. It's been safe for as long as you're alive, right? "How bad could it be?!" We live relatively short lives, in the larger scope of things. Being mature and intelligent is just about accepting this. It's also about accepting that you might belong to a minority to actually respect them, but accepting it anyway. Mature minds often end up acting alone.

If you are willing to accept the data, logic, and common sense regarding a possible TEOTWAWKI event, you can't rely on so-called authorities or mainstream sensibilities to guide you. Whether it's about health, politics, spirituality, science or anything else,, when the shit hits the fan [WTSHTF] and society is thrown back into the next stone age, you'll be needing to know the basics as well as certain more sophisticated aspects of life. A big problem arises when considering the basics, though: most people actually already believe they have a pretty good handle on life. I cannot help you fill a glass that's already full. So-called preppers waste time, resources, and effort preparing for some kind of TEOTWAWKI cataclysm without understanding what mature and intelligent preparation actually entails. It's understandable that people wish to get busy, to make an effort and 'hope it'll be enough'. The big truth of the matter is that the preppers don't know what they're preparing for. It's like preparing for an exam but you don't know on what topic. It's clear one will probably fail such a test.
Before one takes action, it is imperative to establish what constitutes appropriate action in the first place. Very few people either have the time, resources, or maturity to appropriately research what TEOTWAWKI might bring; they take action and hope it's the right action to take. This is a defeatist attitude. If you can't be bothered to research what you're up against, why do you even bother trying to face it? That's not how successful people deal with challenges. You either take the time and put in the hours to learn about TEOTWAWKI to the best of your abilities, or else you know beforehand whatever action you're taking is doomed to failure from the start. That's just common sense. Anybody with any life experience whatsoever can confirm this. When it comes to surviving whatever it is that keeps throwing mankind back into the stone age will not be overcome by wishful thinking and a gungho attitude alone; they don't hurt but they're no substitute for real research into the likely scenarios.

Westerners are typically dependent on specialists, professionals, and experts for just about everything, important or less so. They are less prepared for a stone age situation than our ancestors who were actually living a stone age lifestyle 10,000 years ago. That's really quite unfortunate since we have at our fingertips so much information, through the internet, especially. For instance, if you wish to learn how to make glass and glass bottles, all you have to do is browse the web for a few hours. It took our ancestors thousands of years to do the same! Before we had internet it would've taken many weeks or months to accumulate the same information you can today in a matter of hours by viewing YouTube videos and blogs by glassblowers and historians explaining glass. All of the many technological achievements are at your fingertips nowadays. [I've collected much of this at my online board at; it can be accessed for free.]
Most people, however, haven't looked into any of the foundations for civilization. They make poor dietary choices and have no idea how to nourish themselves, for instance. How can someone who hasn't discovered the basics concerning health and nutrition prepare for a truly cataclysmic event? If your knowledge about nutrition is mainstream, you have no idea what the priorities are. All of these things i'll be discussing under HEALTH. What you learn there will not only explain what good choices are, but that they need not be expensive or require skills or schooling. Just like with the matter of TEOTWAWKI, it's about researching the matter first and taking action second; that's the only way you'll ever get good results, no matter what you're talking about.


A brave new world awaits those with the information and understanding it'll take to establish civilization after an EOTWAWKI event. Certain things have gone wrong in our days and in past millennia that need not be repeated. I will explain in detail, especially under HUMANITY, what i mean by that. I consistently avoid using the world "civilization" when speaking about modern society and culture; though our age may be technologically sophisticated and complicated, it has very little to do with being civilized. Some people have responded to me in regards to an EOTWAWKI event that they won't be sorry to see this age end. I agree. However, instead of sharing their defeatist attitude that the world's better off with mankind starting off from scratch, only to work it's way towards the next technologically sophisticated but otherwise barbaric stages again, i am sure there is another option: the true knowledge that mankind has accumulated these past centuries can be used to establish a society that is humane and truly civilized. This is my main interest in sharing the information in this book with you. Neither mankind's future generations, the Earth itself, nor other creatures would be served by saving some remnants of modern culture, only to have them continue their destructive course in the next age. We may, however, save those pieces of knowledge and understanding that explain what the hell went wrong and how a true civilization can be established. In order to explain how this can be accomplished i'll be relying on much that lies outside the mainstream and is commonly ridiculed as fringe science or simply ignored. It will all be made clear in the course of the book.

Whether you can accept that something cataclysmic might happen in TEOTWAWKI or not, or whether you can accept that it is likely bad enough that it'll throw mankind back into a stone age, you'll find much information in this book that offers freedom from the ignorance that lies at the foundation of modern culture. To begin with, the big truth is that people have no idea of what information and insights lie at their fingertips, scattered all over outside the mainstream. An aspect of that big truth is what's actually known about TEOTWAWKI based on undisputed data, logic, and common sense. Whatever truths or ideas you're willing or able to accept, i'll do my best to present the liberating facts, reasoning, and sense regarding them in this book.