Even mainstream geneticists acknowledge that people have 'immortality genes'. They are, however, turned off...
The truth about our planet and our relationships with other cerebral species teach us a number of important things in relation to this matter, like
- our genes stem from many other species of cerebral beings, many of which are immortal
- man used to be immortal and if what Alan Alford explains in his book Gods of the New Millenium is true, then the character 'Noah' wasn't 900 but 72,000 years old.
- epigenetics teaches us that it is how genes are expressed that really matters, not what genes you have at your disposal.

This last bit is especially relevant and important because it also means that just as certain genes are 'shut off', genes in general can be shut off or turned on. Indeed, according to epigeneticists each gene has many thousands of possible forms of expression, just as the blueprint of a building offers countless opportunities to a contractor in how a building turns out, i.e. what it will ultimately look like and how it will function.

Enter magic or the so-called Law of Attraction. As Adi Da Samraj mentioned endlessly, "You are what you meditate on", or in other words: your focus determines your reality.
The important message here is that your genes are not your fate. However, if one, like most people, lives a life of self-fulfilling prophecy, one will usually fall victim to fate. If you do not take matters into your own hands, your matter falls to the will of others by default. You are therefore only a victim if you live like one.
Mortality or immortality, then, is a matter of choice and education; can you accept the information regarding the matter? Do you dare consider the matter and, having considered it, do you dare choose immortality?
It is not a matter of genes or fate, it is a matter of choice.

If one reads the Bible without prejudice, it seems clear to me that Jesus was also speaking of physical immortality.

I believe the following is required and should suffice in order to achieve eternal youth:
- The Tibetan Rites discussed in the book The Eye of Revelation (also known as The Fountain of Youth) by Peter Keller
- Linda Goodman's mantra discussed in her book Star Signs
- Using the Law of Attraction to envision and realize being young (again)



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The S.E.E.D.

The S.E.E.D.