In your own personal observations of people with family, friends, associates, and outside,, you've noticed that it's always the same people who cause problems. There; i've said it. It's politically incorrect as hell but i believe you cannot in all honesty deny this simple truth. There's TALK about people learning from their mistakes and all that, but in the end it's the same people who keep causing arguments, being the party pooper, whining, and disturbing peaceful relations [what the Japanese refer to as "wa", and what i'd like to get in to later]. From your own observations, people DO NOT learn from their mistakes or change. In fact, it seems that no one ever changes. The nice people ALWAYS appear calm, tolerant, friendly, sympathetic, giving; and then, there are simply those who are NOT so nice... This is our own personal level of observation; it is inherently subjective and perhaps we've never really thought about it; so we look to what's generally talked about in relation to mankind and it's problems: war, religion, apparent fights over resources; these show what humans are about, so the mainstream claims.
Alice Miller's research brings observations full circle; it is, and always was, about mankind being divided up into 2 groups: the nice and the not so nice. Miller's research speaks of Black Pedagogics and how many, if not most, people end up traumatized for life from infancy: the 75%. Semantics; however you put it, it's always about the nice vs the not so nice. It's good to keep in mind. The easiest thing would have been that you never doubted your own eyes and what you see happening right in front of you every single day.
However, there are variables to how the authoritarian trauma expresses itself and these do tend to confuse the matter, making it seem like there are simply many different kinds of people and who can make heads or tails of that? Indeed, is it possible at all? The authoritarian paradigm embrace mysteries as a matter of course so for them it's settled: mankind is a mystery and will [must!] never be solved. The mainstream's schizofrenia presents itself in these considerations as well, for if your psychological and psychiatric experts have been researching and considering mankind for centuries now, how come they haven't actually made any headway? That doesn't sound very competent; why would you look to people who appear so blatantly incapable of progress in the one area they're specialized in and everyone looks to for explanations?
The so-called psychological experts were asked before the Milgram Experiment was carried out how many they thought would succumb to authoritarian pressure and go so far as to inflict lethal levels of electricity? Their answer was 1%... Yet, despite their clear incompetence, they bat not an eye and go on giving their [well paid!] opinions on what THEY think the Milgram Experiment actually meant...
The truth is that much HAS been researched and discovered about human nature. Thousands upon thousands of studies have been carried out and much data has been collected. Ironically, the sources i find most explanatory of the human psyche don't appear to be respected by the so-called psychologists at all. In fact, if they're talked about in such circles at all [!], they're mentioned in passing, as if they are trivial. When running across such works, i myself found the following quite compelling and scholarly:
- Alice Miller's many books
- Charles Darwin's The Descent of Man
- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' 5 Stages of Grief
- Thomas Harris' I'm OK You're OK
- Maslow's Pyramid
- Peter Kropotkin's Mutual Aid
The way i see it, the so-called professionals seem ignorant of a lot of profound research concerning humanity!

When we look to history, is it not THE HISTORY OF MANKIND? Therefore, in order to make sense of history, should it not be viewed from a basic understanding of mankind? Yet, if we're to believe mainstream professionals, there IS no basic understanding of mankind! Well, that suggests that history is just a big vat of data, one chronological event after the other, lacking all coherence or sense.
You can see where i'm going with this; once you ignore all mainstream presuppositions, prejudice, and preference and dive deep into inter-disciplinary research, a completely different picture of reality emerges; one in which life is NOT just full of mysteries, holes, and conflicting data. Viewed in this light, history has ALWAYS been about a traumatized few inflicting their disease on the rest of humanity; it has always been about 2 opposing forces. No more, no less, all superficial variances notwithstanding.
Your own observations concerning humanity are much more valuable than professional opinions, when considered in this light. And you have clearly observed how people never change and never appear to 'learn from their mistakes'. Indeed, you have seen one group of people who don't NEED to be taught what's basically human, while there's this other group that SHOULD be paying attention but never seems to get it. It is this 75% that eternally confounds us, as their choices appear to fly in the face of all sense, logic, or humanity. But you will never understand what it means to be human if you don't first closely consider the matter of inhuman life.

There are a number of tactics people take when it comes to dealing with their inhumanities. The 75% may have lost touch with their entire scope of human feelings but they didn't lose all intellectual capabilities. Therefore, they can actually SEE when their own behavior or tendencies are awkward, counter-productive, or undesirable. All of this happens within mainstream authoritarian culture so, depending on what circles people find themselves in, some individuals manage to kid themselves that clearly inhuman behavior is apparently quite acceptable. Many traumatized folk, though, sincerely try to emulate human attributes. This can come from a desire to reconnect with feelings lying in the subconscious (waiting for psychological healing), from morals conveyed through upbringing, from examples of people in their life; the inability to connect freely with the whole range of human emotion does not necessarily make one into a 'bad' or dangerous person. It does, however, place very real limits on one's abilities to connect with others, ideas, or reality in general in a truly human fashion.
Many psychologically traumatized folk focus on intellectual existence. This is a kind of workaround, to avoid falling into considerations that involve connecting with feelings. Such intellectual activity can be quite sophisticated, moral, and/or principled. What i've noticed with such people, though, is that they lack common sense; the human brain does not require the use of emotion, instinct, and intellect for everything; however, intelligence requires common sense and this calls for more than intellect alone. Intelligence, in fact, demands a free and total use of human faculties, i.e. emotion, instinct, AND intellect.
In mainstream culture especially, intellect and intelligence are often confused or assumed more-or-less to be synonymous. That's logical since popular culture is inherently lacking intelligence, ruled over by the 75% as it is, and therefore has no real use for the concept of intelligence to begin with. And if the greatest minds of the 75% are focused on purely intellectual pursuits, it stands to reason that their idea of intelligence has to do with intellect. However, from the knowledge of the authoritarian trauma Alice Miller describes, i've noticed how many an intellectual reasoning makes much of reason and data but is void of common sense. It takes time to pick up on, for if someone has done years of research on any topic, they can go on and on concerning data and logical arguments, often for hours on end. In fact, this is EXACTLY what they tend to do. What they're ACTUALLY doing is going around in circles doing everything they can to avoid the common sense constantly nipping at their heals. However, the 75% are LITERALLY INCAPABLE of dealing with most feelings so they are incessantly driven to finding the answer to a lack of common sense in EVEN MORE data and logic. What they are unwilling and uncapable of accepting is that data and logic will only get you so far; if they don't add up, you must draw new conclusions, even if they are UNCOMFORTABLE ONES... And here we see why the traumatized mind lacks intelligence: certain trains of thought are forever lost to them because they lead to feelings they are unable to access and explore.

When all that is required is data and logic, people of the 75% can function quite successfully and make themselves very useful. In fact, as they sometimes are frantically driven to acquire ever more data and and arguments, albeit void of common sense, they can be walking encylopaedias. Ironically, many delve into so-called conspiracy theories that suggest an ANTI-authoritarian mindset, endlessly reading books or scouring the internet. (This drive of traumatized people to obsess over something, leading to above-average or phenomenal expertise, is discussed in Alice Miller's book The Drama of the Gifted Child.) However, even when such people present themselves as idealists championing certain moral principles, even admirable ones like individual freedom (i.e. from government), one notices that their fight ultimately isn't with authority itself, but just with one authority or other that they have concluded must be the enemy.
I was intrigued to find quite a large contigent of authoritarian characters in the local Libertarian Party meetings. In fact, those IN POWER there all turned out to belong to the 75%! In retrospect it made sense to me; even in a community of people TALKING about freedom, even to all hours of the night, it is those with an insatiable need for reassurance who seek to lead. The leader of the group was quite impressive as far as his command of Libertarian retoric and factual knowledge was concerned; he was very eloquent and made very astute arguments concerning the need for economic freedom. That was where i learned WHY the Libertarians focus on ECONOMIC freedom; after all, when you're talking a POLITICAL PARTY, you're talking POWER. Both politics and power are inherently NOT about freedom, not matter HOW many years you TALK about it. Libertarians focus on economic freedoms to avoid the REAL issue of freedom (i.e. from authority) in general.
Dealing with such people, therefore, always becomes difficult, if not a downright chore. People AGRESSIVELY talking about non-agression... Sheesh. Others, are quite subdued but always giving off this 'inhuman' vibe, remaining distant, expressing an inability to connect in a human way. It's good to talk about freedom perhaps, but if you're ultimately just talking about a lack of (governmental) POWER, all you're doing is potentially creating a POWER VACUUM. I had to give up on trying to connect with people through Libertarianism because it's all about what certain folk DON'T desire, what they don't choose to be connected with. Since the Libertarian community is full of people suffering from the authoritarian trauma (just like the rest of society), there can never be any REAL consideration of the REAL issues, since that would involve discussing matters that fall outside people's comfort zone; and that is something the 75% are not only incapable of but are also incapable of tolerating in others.

There is another huge matter people should understand in regards to dealing with individuals that belong to the 75%. After explaining this EXTREME DANGER, i will get back to what CAN be accomplished working WITH them. [Please allow me to reitterate, as well, so it is clear: i'm not suggesting the 75% are 'the enemy' or something; they should be supported. It's just that it's like taking care of wild animals: they can bite your hand off or eat you, even if you just came to feed them. It's a matter of respect for other people's reality.]
Mainstream, i.e. authoritarian, culture would have us all believe that jealousy is a normal human emotion. It is nothing of the sort; it is just another aspect of the 75%. It doesn't inherently belong to human nature or culture, just like cancer doesn't. However, the mainstream, including mainstream so-called science, is all about averages; if MOST people do this or that, than to the mainstream that says something about MANKIND. If a chemist or other professional were so callous and UNPROFESSIONAL, he'd probably get himself killed pretty fast! From the axiom that mankind is, and must forever remain, a mystery, vague glossing-over generalities about humanity appear quite acceptable to the mainstream. It's all just guesswork but what else do we have to go by, right? You might as well be talking to a 10-year old [though not a very bright one!]. Since mainstream authorities deem anything the majority of people do "human" and since most people suffer from the affliction called jealousy, society talks about it like it's natural and omnipresent. If you are one of the 25%, you've probably wondered about jealousy AND WHY IT NEVER SEEMED TO BOTHER YOU. jealousy is typically one of those things associated with the not-so-nice folk in our lives; the same folk who are always bitching and obsessing over something or causing conflict.
There is a big problem with jealousy and it doesn't help that projection doesn't work to make sense of it. jealousy is alien to the 25% like intelligence is alien to the 75%; in fact, though both groups are TALKING to one another using the same words, they are actually speaking 2 very different languages. In reality, only the 75% KNOW what jealousy is and the 25% just guess what it must mean. Just like common sense is just a phrase to the 75%, jealousy is just some intellectual idea to the 25%.
If you do not know the urge, the need, the obsession, to have what another has, to take it away, to be the ONLY one of you who has it,, you have no idea what jealousy means. This was a tough one for me to figure out. In the end i have concluded what the way and reason of jealousy must be, based on experience with the 75% in my own life, my understanding of the authoritarian trauma, and years of considerating why the fuck certain people carry on the way they do.

More understanding of the origin of the authoritarian trauma is first necessary in order to come to understand just what jealousy is, how it works, and why it's role in the lives of the 75% is so important.
Black Pedagogics is about the helpless baby that fears for it's life but keeps getting 'saved' by it's caregivers [i use the term loosely...]. Not only does the baby grow addicted to the victim-savior role, it fears that it will certainly die without it's savior-authority. To the baby, it is life or death! This is a programming that gets set in the baby's psyche at such a young age and at such a primal level, that when the programming is triggered, there's no intellect or emotion involved; it's all instinct. It is instinctive, therefore, for someone of the 75% to protect their authorities. Not only is much of what they do, therefore, instinctual but it becomes their experience in life that much of existence is void of reason or empathy. They can't explain it but neither can they help it. They come to expect it, of themselves and of existence. And they expect the same of everyone else.
Someone of the 25%, however, would be shocked by what the 75% consider is just part of the show. That's good to keep in mind when considering the following; the fact that you cannot imagine that an adult would so blatantly block out all reason and empathy has no bearing on the reality that is the authoritarian trauma. To the 25% some things might be shocking that to the 75% are just considered part of life.
There is an order to things in the authoritarian mind; for one, there are victims and saviors. That's not only how it is, that's how it MUST be. Their idea of the order of things is linked to their programming in which there is a victim [originally that was them, as baby] and there is a savior. You'd think (if you didn't belong to the 75%), that it would be nice if there WEREN'T any victims anymore; then there would be no need for saviors. All okay, right? To the 75%, no. NOT ALRIGHT! Really. It is literally not an option. Their programming demands parameters that have become a foundational part of their identity. There is a victim and there is a savior. Since there is no actual link to themselves as baby, they can also see themselves as savior. But what is a savior without a victim?! So this is what would happen if you made someone of the 75% king in a country where there is nothing wrong, where there are no victims: he would feel a primal urge to CREATE victims. Understand, though, that he might just as easily create a situation, quite subconsciously, in which HE becomes the victim. Perhaps he imagines himself, his kingdom, or his station under attack by imaginary foes: paranoia.
Never forget: the authoritarian trauma is a psychological DISEASE; it is a condition. It's about INSANITY. It is human like cancer is human, i.e. it has no inherent connection with humanity at all! It's easy for the 25% to forget that [again, that's why i have considered that there might well be a kind of religion to help the 25% cope with this reality]. If someone of the 75% has no problems, he or she will create problems, simply because their programming demands that there are victims and saviors. Whether they are savior or victim is actually all the same to their programming. To them PERSONALLY they of course prefer to be a savior and they may work hard to achieve that status, but in the end their programming has the final say and there WILL be a victim. If they do turn out to play the role of victim, then, if they're lucky, some savior will come around (just like when they thought they were going to die as a baby, over and over and over again). This is where the self-destructive, and even suicidal, nature of the conditioning comes in, for if the only way for there to be a victim is for them to do something that puts their life in jeopardy, then so be it. The programming commands it. The programming is that they WILL die without some savior-authority in their life, or in other words: without some situation in which there is a victim and a savior; it is an instinctual conditioning that experience has taught them is essential to survival. Physically speaking, it's their reptilian brain taking over to ensure continuation of life. Crazy things happen in that arena, for the reptilian brain works only on instinct and is void of intellectual or emotional considerations. So when the instinctual/primal conditioning is triggered that the programmed parameters be obeyed and there needs to be a victim, they will work to create one even if it kills them! Literally. As far as their programming is concerned, they die without the victim-savior parameters anyway; at least if they enter into deadly peril, they have the chance that they will somehow be saved. [Enter 'God'...]

The above was foundational information for understanding how the matter of jealousy ultimately works and how serious the matter is; after all, if the 75% will commit suicide over living out this psychological trauma of theirs, you can see how there is literally nothing they would not do to others to live out other aspects of their trauma. It's serious and there is no reasoning with an animal, which is basically what you're talking about when the traumatized infant in their brain has been triggered. You might as well be dealing with a crocodile. Unfortunately, it is a crocodile that is living out a deadly protocol, but with the intellectual capacities of a human being at his disposal!
Having said that, the victim-savior relationships in life are usually more subtle than life-or-death reality. The 'saviors' are the 'authorities' and in the mind of the 75% that's all about POWER. This is how the drama usually works out in every day life: as struggle over power. Saviors have the POWER that the victim does not have.
Power comes in many forms; i find it useful to consider 3 main forms of it: money, knowledge, and brute force. You can talk about things like status or politics but in the end it always boils down to one thing: can you FORCE another to do your will? If you've loads of money, you PAY others to do your will and that's peaceful enough. If you know more than others, perhaps you can PERSUADE others to do what you'd like; also usually a pretty peaceful option. When you get to the realm of politics it's a lotta talk but ULTIMATELY, it's about a police FORCE demanding that everyone do the bidding of those in power. Taxes, for example, are after all not voluntary...
People in the 75% strive for power wherever, whenever, and however they can. As it is a primal conditioning that gets triggered involuntarily, it is also opportunistic and compulsary in nature. Studies like the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Milgram Experiment show how the 75% react to certain authoritarian impulses. Such studies show how most people respond to being put in positions of power. One half [it's usually more than 50%] starts acting like REAL ASSHOLES, while the rest suffer without becoming violent. Authoritarian culture suggests such studies show how MANKIND is inherently evil; the peaceful half are conveniently disregarded. Ironically, even the Milgram Experiment that was specifically set up to measure people's response to authority and authority figures, is used as proof that NOT THE AUTHORITIES BUT HUMANITY ITSELF is evil.
Anyway, the 75% live according to their trauma. They like jobs where they are in positions of power, as school teachers or police officers. As parents they take advantage of their position to boss their children around. As pet owners they may abuse their pets any time they please. They PREFER to enjoy the role of savior-authority in life but often they play the role of victim, as well. People who feel sorry for themselves are just acting out their victim role; if you DON'T abide by an authoritarian conditioning and have no affinity with such role playing, you just tend to end a bad situation/relationship or otherwise stoically accept it. Drama, however, is an inherent part of the victim-savior paradigm. If you see someone living the victim ATTITUDE, you're just witnessing the other side of the authoritarian coin; if matters come to be reversed, the victim will instantaneously become an abuser. Chances are, therefore, that if you hear of a wife complaining about her husband's abuse, she herself likely abuses her children every chance she gets.
The life of the 75%, therefore, is generally filled with drama. That's one of the key attributes to the not-so-nice folk in our lives: their lives always seem to be about some drama or other taking place. Most dramatic relationships, though, are fairly well established; it is clear who has the power; whether that power take the form of money, knowledge, or brute force,, the balance of power is usually set and people live their lives, letting their drama go on day after day. If you belong to the 75%, envy is likely a common feeling you suffer, unless your money, position, or ability to exercise force is clearly established. Even then, though, a man with a lot of physical strength can be envious of another man's intelligence or financial success; he'll probably wind up hitting his kids or his wife after his envy has been triggered that day...

When jealousy is part of a close relationship, especially one that is free of auspice from higher authorities, things can get very violent. When a man marries a woman and he's okay with the situation because he is physically stronger [the brute force authority] and makes (more) money than his wife, things could be fairly balanced; but when his wife starts making more money than he does, a lot of times the marriage ends. Why? The reason is that his authoritarian conditioning [if we're talking about one of the 75%] is constantly getting triggered that he wishes to be the authority figure, he wishes to be the savior in the victim-savior relationship. He CANNOT let his go because his primal conditioning keeps getting triggered over and over and over again. It is involuntary and out of his control. He cannot be happy for his wife (or for himself, for that matter) because any financial enjoyment is snowed under by his reptilian mind that keeps getting triggered. His intellectual understanding that his wife is perhaps okay with the situation and that he might be able to enjoy more wealth himself, is irrelevant. He cannot, and will not, let it go. He only has 4 choices:
- beat/fight with his wife, kids, or dog every day to assuage his frustration
- get a better job himself or make more money SOMEHOW [anything goes if he cares enough about saving the marriage]
- become despondent and fall into a victim-attitude stupor
- forget about the marriage
Any sane person would suggest he let it go, enjoy the money, and perhaps 'transcend' his negative inclinations. However, the authoritarian conditioning brought on by Black Pedagogics is completely beyond any intellectual, i.e. thinking, process that's possible, and the whole issue of the authoritarian trauma negates the option of emotional resolvement since it's the impairment of normal emotional functioning that's the whole problem.
Similarly, a father may find that his son becomes very successful, much more so than he himself is; the typical solution is simply to alienate himself from this son. Obviously they will probably first fight, for no apparent reasons, but ultimately the only thing that would settle Dad's mind would be if his son gave him all of his money... Dad will, unfortunately, NEVER find it in his heart to be happy for his son. His trauma precludes that possibility.

Family drama is what it is and it's very common for family members to drift apart as a means to dispel the frustration of triggered jealousy. It is very different, however, when there is no way out or away from the relationship, or when one is so unconscious of the jealousy of others that one DOESN'T WALK AWAY WHEN ONE SHOULD. This is when things like theft take place. If you suffer from the authoritarian conditioning and you see a neighbor with a nicer car, a bigger house, smarter kids, a more attractive wife (doesn't matter which),, if you don't have things in your life that allow you to compensate like your own wealth, beautiful wife, or big dick (whatever makes you happy and feeling superior),, you WILL be feeling the constant frustration of your authoritarian conditioning being triggered because there's something not right in the world. As long as you can ignore your neighbors or feel that you are in a postion of authority among your neighbors, then you can feel good enough in that respect. If your neighbors start showing the kind of success that your conditioning can't deal with, you are faced with certain option, like:
- stealing their shit
- making more money yourself so you can buy things that brings the matter back into balance
- fuck your neighbor's more beautiful wife
- cause your neighbor to divorce his wife some other way
- etc. etc. etc.
The point is that you cannot and will not be able to let it go.
On the receiving end of this situation, if you have incurred the jealousy of one of the 75%, YOU ARE IN SERIOUS DANGER. They CANNOT and will not let the matter go. It will rule their existence until the jealousy goes away; and it WILL NOT go away because they finally get a hold on themselves or something. If it is a small things, perhaps it will simmer in their minds and you won't notice a thing until perhaps some random act of agression or destruction befalls you, your property, or your family.

It gets worse; for in reality the 75% are only at peace when they feel they are in control. They NEED to feel like they are either victim or authority figure [i.e. savior-authority] and this applies to everything and everybody in their life, all of the time. As i mentioned before, if the opportunity arises just for a few seconds to change a situation from victim to authority, their conditioning is instantly triggered and they will act on it. One very good example of this i once witnessed when i was with my 2-year-old daughter at my sister's house; my sister was babysitting this girl who was perhaps 3. I had already noticed that the girl seemed traumatized and later my sister did tell me that she came from a troubled family. The 2 young girls were playing with each other peaceably enough, though the 3-year-old needed to be reminded regularly to play nice. My sister and i went to sit outside while the girls were still playing inside; my daughter soon walked towards the back door but in doing so she entered a blind spot behind a sofa where we normally would not be able to see the girls; however, i say my daughter in the reflection of the back door walking towards it. Then the 3-year old, who was walking behind my daughter, suddenly grabbed her behind by the neck and dragged her to the floor! It happened in an instant!
The 3 year old was herself a victim of abuse by her parents; her conditioning told her she was the victim, but when she had just a second to turn the role around and become the winner/savior/authority figure with more power, she instantly took it! In a way it was amazing to watch. It was, however, not luck that allowed me to immediately run to my daughter's aid and console her; i was already aware of the violent potential of the authoritarian programming and i therefore already had good reason to keep an eye on my daughter at all times.

The 25% tend to underestimate the scope and severity of this reality. Projection of their own humanity has them estimating or assuming that things will work themselves out, perhaps that 'evil people' will ultimately tire of bothering them. However, the reality is that people ruled by the authoritarian trauma cannot in 100 years let things go that step outside the parameters of their conditioning. Also, things like stealing, lying, or hurting others has little real meaning to them since ANYTHING they do can be explained away by their own identity as victim; not just that, but we're talking about a victim that must do whatever it takes in order to SURVIVE. To the reptilian mind, that's amoral, void of intelligence, and insensitive,, anything goes. Not only that, but everything MUST go, all for the sake of survival. It's not about preference, it's about necessity; and it's not just about necessity, it's about LIFE OR DEATH. After all, whenever the authoritarian conditioning gets triggered, to the primal instinctual mind that takes over, it's always about surviving reality. If the parameters of the conditioning aren't met, the baby consciousness that's called forth is sure it WILL DIE. Something MUST be done to either address the disruption of parameters or otherwise stop the triggering of the conditioning. Ultimately it doesn't matter what it will take; if someone has to die, so be it. If some child has to burn to death, this is acceptable to the person involved. It is underestimating the extent to which the 75% MUST and WILL go that gets the 25% into trouble. They are generally completely unaware of the sea of lethal cerebral beings surrounding them.



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