As promised, i will continue today explaining how to work WITH the 75%, i.e. in a manner that's safe and respectful. First, though, i think it's time to offer some visuals. As software in our age has made so abundantly clear [starting with Apple's use of icons], the brain often relies on images for retaining or dealing with information. As well, the brain can only process 3 things simultaneously. (1 image, however, can refer to many things, thereby conveying much more than words ever could in the same amount of space.) In cultures around the world people have sometimes relied on the following counting system: "1, 2, 3, many"; primitive cultures have been discovered that could not possibly have had contact with each other, but whose counting system lacked any numbers other than 1, 2, and 3. This has to do with basic brain functioning. Once you become consciously aware of this and pay attention to the working of your own brain, this is confirmed over and over again. There are subtleties too, though, as the brain seeks workarounds. So, for instance, the brain can recognize patterns [again: images] consisting of more than 1 unit and treat them as if they are 1; for instance, one might be counting tiles that are grouped in 4's; then these groups are counted as 1; if one counts 5 groups, for instance, these 5 are simply multiplied by 4 and one has (in a sense) counted 20 tiles. What you've ACTUALLY done is count 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 +1 = 5, then multiplied by 4... If you were doing 2 things at the same time at all, it was counting and multiplying. Your brain could still be dealing with, for instance, singing at the same time!
More likely, however, is that your brain deals with 2 things at the same time and it's third option is 'everything that'll have to be dealt with after dealing with those 2 is completed'... This can occur quite quickly so it can APPEAR that someone is processing MORE than 3 things at the same time; that, however, is just how it seems; what they're really doing is dealing with 1 thing at a time, allowing them to tackle the NEXT item in turn.
I learned about this in my early 20's and have in the 30 years since never found any evidence that it can work otherwise, not for myself, nor for others. You will likely doubt it, believing your brain is capable of much more, but if you are consistent and honest in your evaluation of this tidbit, you will see that this is how it works.

The fact that the brain can only deal with 3 things at a time is actually quite relevant to the matter i'm discussing, because it is often ABUSED by the 75%. TPTB [the powers that be] often add a 4th element to an otherwise understandable equation because it instantly causes the matter, whatever it is, to become uncomfortable and difficult to deal with; the whole authoritarian paradigm is based on people seeing those in power as authorities, but if a matter is easily understood or dealt with, there is no need for authorities. However, if the brain 'tunes out' because a matter is/becomes complicated, people [especially the 75%] tend to relegate such a matter to 'higher powers'. TPTB learn from experience that most people tune out if authorities artificially make a matter complicated, thereby expanding their mandate. It is a popular political tool, one that is (probably) applied subconsciously by both parties, i.e. by those in power and by those abiding by TPTB.


In order to make palatable the hundreds, if not thousands, of items i hope to be able to present in my writings, i have been working with a number of easily remembered forms. These are mainly 2 Chinese characters and the numbers 1 through 9, conveyed respectively by a:
- 1: dot
- 2: line
- 3: triangle
- 4: square
- 5: pentagram
- 6: so-called star of david, i.e. the 6-pointed star
- 7: great septagram
- 8: star with 8 points
- 9: 9-pointed star
Though these 9 points may at times also be conveyed by the Chinese character for "well" or the "agriculture/social well system" [basically a tic-tac-toe board], they would typically be arranged according to the Chinese character for "middle", well-known as their name for China, in pinyin: zhong guo. The Chinese name, meaning something like "the middle kingdom", traditionally conveys the Chinese as a people surrounded by barbarians with their 'civilization' in the middle. In this case, i.e. arranged according to the character for "middle", the numbers and their corresponding pictograms [i.e. the stars] would be placed as follows:

The square is signified by the 4 points formed by 3, 5, 7, and 9; 6 & 8 form the line, i.e. 2; the figure itself is 1. The Chinese character itself is written in the following sequence:
- 3 to 9
- 3 to 5 to 7
- 9 to 7
- 6 to 8

The 9 points convey the following groups of concepts/information, though there are 2 versions necessary; one for beginning or outsiders, and one for initiates. The first 9 points are those for initiates, what i'm discussing so far and will continue to cover. I've only dealt with a few so far but just to keep all of this information together, here it is:

1: The Billings Method
2: 75% vs 25%
3: Communication, Information, Organization
4: know yourself, know your enemy, location location location, failing to plan = planning to fail
5: pregnant women, newborns, toddlers, 20 year age difference, procreation schemes
6: data, logic, common sense vs preference, prejudice, presuppositions
7: humanity, health, spirituality, economics, science, history, politics
(& sex, psychology, relationships, genetics, agriculture, freedom, independence)
8: minerals, enzymes, good fats, gut flora, detox, hormones, hydration, diet theory
(&: 1st Aid, sun, superfoods, herbs, exercise, agriculture, pH, natural cycles)
9: biochar, seasalt, mulch [wood chips & shredded leaves], hydraulic ram pump, compost, Sonic Bloom, Waterboxx, foddage farming, wet pots
(&: Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Muscovy Ducks, vetiver grass, guerilla gardening, beekeeping, permaculture, hugelkultur, Ouessant sheep, Flemish Giant rabbits)

The watered down (politically correct/75%-safe) version is:
1: communication
2: rocket mass heater & strawbale dome
3: pregnant women, newborns, toddlers
4: 1, 2, 3, many
5: Father, son, forefathers, brothers, friends
6: idem
7: [only] humanity, health, spirituality, economics, science, history, politics
8: [only] minerals, enzymes, good fats, gut flora, detox, hormones, hydration, diet theory
9: [only] biochar, seasalt, mulch [wood chips & shredded leaves], hydraulic ram pump, compost, Sonic Bloom, Waterboxx, foddage farming, wet pots


The 75% are incapable of working with other people except in hierarchal settings. This is the main reason why governments arm a police force and have them marching around, showing so-called citizens who's boss. Since the 75% will only leave people alone whom they believe are authorities [in relation to which they themselves are victims], governments are very clear to consistently set themselves up as saviors as well as dangerous. In smaller settings, like in a community, these things play out a little differently. Mainly this is because the local authority is ultimately played back to the national authority.
All of these constructs are really only set up to service (and due to) the 75%. They are the people who require authorities to keep them in line. They are the ones who would otherwise be consumed by the jealousies that are the result of their traumatic conditioning. Without an even more agressive (and better armed) force to keep them in check, it is the 75% that would set up mafias and let feuds consume society. Unfortunately, authoritarian government only serves to support trauma and practices that create it. Therefore, whatever work government accomplishes is always tainted by the fact that they're the source of violence. Having said that, as long as the 25% neither know how to deal with the 75%, nor are able to protect themselves from an unrestrained (by violent authority) 75%, everyone is doomed to live under violent authorities that tend towards totalitarianism. The 25% might be fine without power-based authority but the 25% plus the 75%, that's a completely different story. Ignorant popular assumptions have everyone believing that everyone suffers from the inhumanities typical of the 75%, but even if one were to recognize basic differences, it would be impossible for the 25% to ever deal with the 75% without the knowledge i'm talking about. However, if the 25% were to apply the principles i'm explaining here, then the 75% would be a dwindling rather than a growing part of humanity. In fact, with the right kind of 'government' [the word literally means to rule or manipulate minds and therefore really only applies to authoritarian and totalitarian constructs] and laws in place, the percentage of traumatized folk could fall quite quickly, with a considerable lesser percentage of people suffering from the authoritarian trauma after just a few decades. At the very least, it would be possible for those of the 25% to set up "human(e)" societies/communities in short order. Such human(e) societies could function as a kind of human base camps from which humanity can expand, enveloping ever-larger areas where traumatized folk remain a majority. This is my vision. It starts with knowing how to deal with individuals belonging to the 75%.

As i've explained, the 75% are driven by their trauma and cannot abide by relationships that are not based on the parameters set by it. Therefore they have no inherent empathy towards others, neither towards intimates nor towards strangers. Individuals belonging to the 75% are fundamentally not capable of healthy human relationships; not with their spouses, not with family, not even with their own offspring. As long as you keep all of that in mind, though, it is possible to deal with them. Indeed, just because i would not call their relationships human according to what i believe is natural and and healthy, does not mean that they are incapable of more or less normal lives; they can still be parents and marry. Mainstream culture might say: "Well, they can still pay taxes", however that would just prove how unhealthy their inclinations are, since taxes are basically the government strongarming money from people and might just as well be called legalized theft [though many taxes are in fact illegal].
My point is that people who know what they're doing successfully deal with great white sharks, crocodiles, or bears,, even on a daily basis, without getting eaten or even bit. As well, with the 75%, it is possible to be neighbors, have financial dealings, or even organize certain things with them,, without having it end up in disaster. There will likely always be a certain amount of drama involved, and one should always keep an eye out for trouble, but it's possible; less than ideal, but if you've little choice in the matter, like if you can't move or can't exit the relationship, you can prevent things going down the drain.

One of the things to keep in mind with the 75% is to never show all your cards. In fact, show as little of them as possible. Actually, show is everything to the 75% to begin with! Authoritarians have an inherent problem connecting with feelings. In dealings with people, therefore, they like to go by rules rather than by empathy, as one of the 25% might naturally tend to do. In general, as people, they are lacking in emotional content; lacking quality, they tend to replace it with quantifiable things like brand names, the size of a car or house, the amount of money in their bank account, etc. etc. etc. Things the 25% might consider mundane, superficial, and impersonal can be quite the stickler for the 75%. They also tend to obsess; whether it's about etiquet, cleanliness, or anything else,, they like to lose themselves in things that give an impression of substance (i.e. the kind of substance they're lacking due to their trauma). Endless rules, regulations, restrictions, duties, and instructions are typical when dealing with the authoritarian mindset. If, therefore, they get the impression that you have more than they do, that impression is everything. It doesn't matter that you might actually have less or that you are thrifty (where they are spendthrift); if it even looks like you might be better off than they are, you'd better have the clout to make them back down. So that's practical advice: either don't show what you have, or be ready to intimidate the hell out of whoever comes knocking. Generally, it's much much chear, easier, and safer to do the former, so it's simply the best idea to don't let any one look at your cards. If views can't be avoided, give the impression they are much better off than you are.


Peter Kropotkin's research explains how social species operate and why. With the 75% in mind, the 25% are terribly naive. The 25% tend to be honest, open, and giving. This works fine as long as it's 25% folk among each other, but if there are 100 folk who know that Mr. Rich has a $ 25,000 statue, it only takes 1 single person with the authoritarian trauma to go find Mr. Rick and either steal his statue or break it. It doesn't matter that the 100 believe in live-and-let-live and are simply happy for Mr. Rich's success; it is the envious minority, however small, who will rain disaster down on whoever was honest and open enough to let 'm know where unguarded riches lie.
Now, who told the thief about the statue? It was one, or many, of the 100, of course!
The fact is, because the 25%-75% dichotomy is unheard of in popular culture, individuals belonging to the 25% project their innocence onto everyone else and suspect no foul play. But it gets worse! For a lot of people learn from the hard knocks in life to be wary of people who are distant and clearly lacking empathy; they are careful what to share with their ilk; but then... they meet someone who's clearly one of the 25% themselves and they feel free to share with them things that they usually would keep to themselves. After all, it feels like they're dealing with a kindred spirit; then, the person they've confided in comes home and tells their brother, or spouse, or friend about your secret...! All of your safeguards fail you after all because in popular culture the 25% intermingle with the 75% all the time and everywhere. In the end, therefore, your own social inclinations betray you; you know what's human, sane, fair, healthy, and good,, but if you don't know the nature of your enemy, you might actually be better off ignorant of such things. That's how the 75% get along! The 75% tend to not trust anyone; after all, they project their own paranoia, jealousies, and superficiality onto everyone else. In fact, they consider people who are sharing, honest, and open retarded! The 75% think the 25% are stupid, dumn, and childish. Based on how easily they're able to take advantage of instances when one of the 25% set themselves up for attack, many of them actually think that they are particularly clever or intelligent!

Ignorant members of the 25% are in fact your worst enemies. They can convey your deepest secrets to people whom you yourself would never consider confiding in. It's true that the 75% are everywhere, in our very own families, often in our marriage, let alone places we can chose not to go; but even these people, intimate as their place in our lives might be, are more like 'the enemy at the gate'; it's a danger, yes, but one you've learned to cope with. Perhaps you've even become fairly good at coping with these people and find a certain sense of achievement in it. The 25% in your life, though, are the real danger; they are the 'fifth column' that you never suspected. They are the ones who laugh, cry, and speak to you with sincere care, concern, and humanity in their voice and demeanor; when they say they care, you can feel that they mean it. So you let your guard down... The guard you had perhaps cultivated all of your life and refined to be able to deal with all of the shallow, greedy, and insensitive people you're running into all of the time, that wonderful guard of yours fails you in the face of one of your own. You go home, feeling good for having been able to share something personal with someone who clearly feels things like you do... never realizing whom that person might be betraying you to in their innocence and naivite.


So. That puts a new slant on things, doesn't it? Now, i'm actually not telling you that the 75% are the enemy but that the 25% are! Of course, the matter is more subtle than that. Ignorance is the enemy. It is your own ignorance that makes you incompetent of dealing with anyone. That's why everyone in the world is divided into tiny family units that live separately. Charles Darwin's research is quite clear that the natural human condition is to live communally. The peoples he came across in the 1800's living in the Amazon and such, were close-knit communities of people who ate, fought, hunted, procreated, and tended to their children together. There were no marriages. Hell, children didn't even have 'parents' like we all assume is natural in mainstream culture; children usually didn't know who their father was at all and basically all men in the village 'fathered' them (which isn't so strange, even from a genetic point of view, since probably a lot of children could be theirs, after all). Usually mothers had a unique relationship with their own biological offspring but other women 'mothered' their children as well. So in the end it was one big happy family! In popular culture, however, things are neatly cordoned off into these tiny tiny units of one man, one woman, and a number of biological offspring. It is considered human, healthy, natural, necessary, and quite unavoidable. "What else would you have us do?!", 'ordinary' folk might say...
People in modern cultures avoid each other. They hardly talk to each other, let alone do they actually communicate with one another. But then, with those of the 75% around, ready to pounce on anyone who's gullible, innocent, and naive enough to show their cards, it quite appears to have become an inevitable way of life.
The presence of the 75% has basically destroyed everything about us all that once was human. We are neither social, nor safe in numbers, nor successful. Life in modern culture is about survival; surviving society, surviving taxes, surviving government, surviving others. Even those of the 25% have become conditioned themselves! Conditioned not to talk too much, not to open up to strangers, or even to most people in our lives. You shut the hell up, keep your head down, pay your taxes, and hope for the bloody best!


Knowledge would solve all of your problems but lacking it, this is what happens when one tries to escape the superficialities of popular culture:
You know someone, or meet someone, whom you can really talk to. He gets your drift, he knows where your coming from; he's sincere, honest, and open himself,, just like you are. You start talking about doing some stuff together after you've established some trust. Now, assuming you both keep your mouth shut and don't tell anyone else about your endeavors [i.e. someone who could tell someone who could tell someone else...], you start working together quite nicely and start having some success. So; you've covered the first hurdle if you didn't tell others about your business; the next hurdle is not to let anyone else know you're actually doing well. However, if you manage to circumvent the danger of jealous individuals, there's always the government lurking in the shadows...
If you try to set up some kind of organization based on equality, you'll soon find out that the only legal entities are authoritarian: someone's gotta be the boss; supposedly this is about someone being accountable, but you could all be accountable together, no? Why not? That's a good question, and as all rhetorical questions, it should be answered; communal responsibility does not compute with the parameters of the authoritarian paradigm! You are, therefore, forced to abide by authoritrian rules and regulations. You are forced to submit to authoritarian authority, i.e. power-based authority. If you do not, nothing you do is legal, beyond the range of what individuals can arrange informally amongst themselves (but never legally on paper).

Next step: you're thinking of challenging the system itself! This is quite possible but it will take more than a couple of friends. So you congregate with others. Very very soon, though, your group of 25% friends starts drawing attention; "Hey, where are you hanging out each Wednesday night? Can i come along?"; "Who are these friends of yours? Can anyone join?"
As soon as someone finds out that your group is not public (since you realize that anybody belonging to the 75% would only inherently undermine the group's objectives), you have for all intents and purposes become an enemy of the state! By that i mean, you have called forth a challenge in the hearts of everyone of the 75% who hear of that to all basic authority! A group of people outside the public?! The thing is, 'they' will never forget you! You can hide, you can avoid all contact with others, but the 75% will never let it go. To the 75% a group of people is people with power and that means everything when your whole paradigm is based on power-based authority. Now, if the government hears about your little group, they will send in spies, infiltrate you, and task every government agency in existence to fine some way to either learn everything they can about your little group and/or otherwise dismantle it altogether. You will have triggered the very basic conditioning of the authoritarian program.
Enter secret societies.

As one of the 25%, i never thought much of secret societies; people who are secretive and don't seem to be about anybody's benefit but their own, that reeks of the 75%. One would think: the best secret societies, therefore, would be the ones you've never even heard of; indeed, that turns out to be the case. In fact, once i started finding out about all kinds of secret political histories, it turns out that the most secret societies appear to have been about doing the greatest good for mankind! So it looks like some people have taken their experience [i.e. even without a conscious understanding] with the 75% to heart. Like i said, it looks like Jesus, in any case, was working from a very realistic sense of human reality; not only that, but the Essenes he came from were just another example of a 'secret society' [though that might not have been too difficult in those days].
Judging by the (totalitarian) state of the world today, as well as by so-called christianity in particular, all the secrecy or teachings others have tried failed miserably. Overcoming these challenges has been the scope of many of my considerations. If we do not succeed where Jesus and other great minds failed,, mankind, most species on the planet, and technological sophistication are likely doomed. If TEOTWAWKI happens, we will have little to show for ourselves (unless i can arrange that all by myself) and mankind will have to start off again from scratch, going from Stone Age through ages of war and terror, perhaps only to end up in yet another global culture of inhumanity; if the world doesn't end, mankind's activities threaten to continue to wipe out thousands of species every year, pollute the world, and send the global culture into a totalitarian free-for-all. Either way, considerations what can be done to avoid mankind self-destructing itself are appropriate.



The S.E.E.D.