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  There's much scientific research outside of the mainstream pointing to a cycle of destruction that will wipe us off the face of the planet, leaving a few traumatized survivors to continue mankind in the next stone age. Again. It's part of modern mythology that mankind somehow [don't ask!] suddenly started acting sophisticatedly after millions of years of backward behavior. The raw data, logic, and common sense,, however, suggest that the people we think lived in 'our' Stone Age were preceded by another global culture. About 3300 pyramids and other immense structures all over the world attest to this global society. The peoples that built the likes of the Giza pyramid or Puma Punku were not only wiped out but mankind ended up in the Stone Age, all knowledge lost.
There are a number of scientific disciplines which have determined, independent of one another, that the Earth is regularly buffeted by a 13,000-year cycle of destruction. Not all scientific disciplines are able to give us an estimate when this cycle is set to reoccur, but there are authoritative scientific sources that suggest it will indeed happen in our lifetimes.
No one needs to be rich, talented, or lucky [let alone chosen] to survive and overcome what's (likely) coming. Follow along the data, logic, and common sense regarding TEOMCROTE and let go of disinformation, cultural myths, and fatalistic speculations,, replacing them with a sound understanding of the how, what, why, when & where to survive The End Of Mankind's Current Reign Over The Earth.

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